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How It Works
Venture intake

Carry out evaluation process and move selected startups to cohort.

  • Define the evaluation criteria
  • Call for applications
  • Application review
  • Initial screening
  • In-depth evaluation
  • Expert review
  • Cohort selection
  • Communication and cohort offer
Program delivery and tracking

Drive cohort operations to ensure smooth and efficient tracking of startups, fostering productive collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

  • Establish cohort objectives
  • Develop a cohort management plan
  • Implement tracking mechanism
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Evaluate and iterate
  • Facilitate partnerships
  • Measure impact
Community engagement

Empower startups with the ability to collaborate, track, and monitor by efficiently managing your innovation ecosystem stakeholders.

  • Onboard stakeholder
  • Assign and track task
  • Offer perks
  • Extend vendor services
  • Connect with mentors
  • Provide corporate connects
  • Showcase to investors
Track and report

Track, monitor, and report the impact created.

  • Create intuitive dashboards
  • Streamline impact measurement and reporting
  • Monitor progress in real-time 
  • Get insights
  • Make data-driven decisions
Comprehensive learning center

Engage with continuous learning.

  • Develop learning circular
  • Provide access to startups
  • Organize and manage webinars
  • Facilitate regular knowledge sharing
  • Organize entrepreneurial workshops
  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement
  • Measure progress
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What do our users say?

"I have been incredibly impressed with TheIncubatorPro for program delivery and startup tracking. It has completely transformed how we manage our incubator programs and support our startups. The user experience is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing our team to easily navigate through the platform and access the information we need."

Private Incubator

"TheIncubatorPro has been a game-changer for our incubator. It has revolutionized how we manage our programs and support our startups. The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have allowed us to efficiently track startup progress, provide timely support, and measure program outcomes. Thanks to this software, we have seen a significant increase in startup success rates and have been able to attract more investors and partners to our ecosystem."

Program team member

"The impact of TheIncubatorPro on our incubator has been tremendous. It has not only saved us significant time and resources but has also enhanced the quality of support we provide to our startups. The platform's analytics and reporting capabilities have enabled us to gain valuable insights into our program effectiveness and ecosystem impact. With clear, data-driven reports, we have been able to showcase our achievements to stakeholders, strengthening our reputation and attracting more talented startups to our program."

Govt. Incubator

"TheCapitalNet team brings the customer centricity and sensitivity that is unseen in product companies today, needless to say TheIncubatorPro is the best in class product for accelerators. We are very happy using it for last two years.

Jay Krishnan - CEO
Accelerator Centre, Canada
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